Oakley’s, Jeans, Raincoat? Summer Weather in Dublin

220px-Thermometer_CF.svg-2My most important question I have come up with so far is this– what’s the weather like? How do I pack for 2 months? I’ve lived in Indiana my entire life, I know what to expect in June and July, and I know shorts and a tank top will work on almost any day in the Midwest heat. I’ve never been to Ireland in the summer, and Joe has not been to America in the summer, so we can’t compare notes. (I’ve included the most ridiculous meteorologist names from the USA here).

This also brings up another issue– temperature there is in Celsius not Fahrenheit. I can set my iPhone to *F but no one will know what I’m talking about if they ask me what the weather is like. Handy dandy Google helped me find this picture to the left. Maybe I should print it and put it on the wall? I hope to get used to using Celsius by comparing what it is close to and going from there. Unlike my brother Brian, I can’t do the math in my head to convert it the correct way!

According to Trip Advisor (one of my favorite sites) and the Dublin Airport weather tracking, there will still be rain in the summer, so I’ll definitely still be packing my rain coat and umbrella as I have on previous trips, just in case. I also learned that the Irish weather is much more consistent than the Midwest, and they won’t have days that are 72* and sunny and then the next day have it snow and be 30* like we did here last week. It just doesn’t happen there. From May to September, Dublin is said to have a maximum high of 63* (17* C) and low of 53* (12* C). So, shorts every day is probably not an option! There is supposed to be a lot of sunshine though, and Dublin I am holding you to it! There is nothing I love more than a beautiful sunny day, soft grass to sit on, and a good book in my hand. I don’t care if I have to wear jeans or a sweatshirt to do it. Maybe I should pack our families football blanket though… the bottom is waterproof, and I read that I should expect misty, foggy rain, so the ground could be damp.

So, step one completed– find a thermometer with both temperatures on it, find the average summer weather, get an idea of what to pack. Got it.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.  ~ John Ruskin


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