Past visits to Dublin…

This isn’t complete but these are the major places I’ve been to, like what you would find on Trip Advisor as suggestions to see…

  • Image*The Jameson Distillery – shows the history of Jameson, learn about the Angel’s share and how to make whiskey, volunteer to be a taste tester!
  • *The Guinness Storehouse – interactive and technology driven, learn to do the perfect two-part pour! and learn about what a fantastic guy Arthur Guinness was (seriously, he was wonderful)
  • Temple Bar – filled with tourists but worth a walk through
  • Grafton Street – big shopping area, but one of the most expensive main shopping streets in the world, lots of “buskers” or street performers
  • *Kilmainham Gaol – pictured above, former prison now museum, used to house political prisoners, the tour guides are incredibly knowledgable; definitely worth the visit
  • St. Stephen’s Green – this beautiful park is green all year long, it’s in the city center, there is an arch dedicated to the Boer War, lots of statues; I haven’t explored it all yet but I want to
  • *Dublin Zoo – LOVE, especially the baby hippo I got to see; you get pretty close to all the enclosures and animals, and a tiger came right up to the glass while we were looking in
  • *National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology – what an incredible place, built in 1890 with over 2,000,000 artifacts spanning back into the BC’s, and from Vikings, prehistoric Ireland, old gold, and more, and there are even bog bodies found that are older than Jesus; free entry, you have no excuse not to try it
  • Art Museum – not my favorite one I’ve been to, but there are some good pieces in hereAviva-Stadium_Architect-Populous-and-Scott-Tallon-Walker_Photo-©Donal-Murphy_1839_229Dr-990x465
  • Trinity College – established in 1592, I did not get to go inside but hope to on this visit, but beautiful campus and the Book of Kels is in there if you want to see it (not cheaply)
  • Aviva Stadium – great place to see a rugby match, provided it isn’t raining (open air stadium)
  • University College Dublin – another beautiful campus to walk around if you are in the area
  • Molly Malone statue on Grafton Street – major tourist spot, and one of the only places in the city you will find leprechauns besides for the super duper tourist shops
  • Oscar Wilde statue in St. Stephen’s Green – made from different colors of marble and stone and laying atop a rock, he is worth a look if you are in the park (my brother Tyler got atop the rock to get a picture laying next to him!)

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