At the Airport!

Lego JessicaMy suitcases are packed, my carry-on is ready, and Nook is loaded full of books; I’m set for Ireland!

This is Lego me on the right, and she is ready to go too! And she is dressed like me. I’m a comfy traveler, favoring my yoga pants, tshirts, zip-ups/hoodies, and a pony tail, above all else. And I’ve got my flight pillow. If I have to sit for the next 10+ hours, I want to be comfortable. Bring on the airplane.

The flights today go as follows: IND to JFK, short layover, JFK to DUB. I will arrive Saturday at about 9am Irish time, 4am Indiana time. I must admit I am excited to see what my in-flight movie options will be this evening. I don’t sleep on planes, trains, or automobiles (I’ve tried), so I alternate between books and movies.

At the moment, I’m sitting in the terminal at the first airport, munching on my Auntie Anne’s pretzel bites. I have less than an hour until boarding, but I’ve been here a while and time is passing slowly. I’m ready to go, let’s move it people!


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