National Museum – Archaeology

On Friday, I took the Luas to the end of line and walked from there to the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. See the floor plan here. I had been here once before with Joe but I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back. The Museum has been open since 1890 and (wonderfully) admission is free. I got there at about 10:15am and there was hardly anyone there; it was perfect.

The oldest artifact in the museum is from 7,000 BC (that’s 9,000 years old) and the newest is from the 1900’s. There are also 4 bodies found in Irish bogs that are from 400-200 BC. The bogs have played quite a role for this museum, as several artifacts were found in them during peat cutting perfectly preserved. The kind people who found the objects chose to donate them to the museum rather than keep the objects for themselves or trying to sell them for profit.

I find the gold and bronze particularly fascinating because they were made without modern technology thousands of years ago, and the objects are beautiful. There are loads more exhibits, but as is in most museums cameras are not allowed in all sections. I recommend this museum highly though, loads to see in an hour or two from all over Irish history.


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