What do I do all day?

I’m sure many people have wondered this since I’m here as a tourist and Joe is still working, so I’ll give a few basics.

Every morning I get up early and do a long walk through a park and the area I’m staying in, Stillorgan. Same thing in the afternoon/evening. I walk 3-5 hours a day (my legs better look awesome by the end of this trip! LOL). Whether it is here or around the city center, there is loads of walking. Then, breakfast and tea!

After that, I do a variety of things. For the most part I read books and apply for teaching positions back home, on the balcony if it is nice enough. I bought a beach towel so I can start going to the park to read in the sun but then the weather turned sour! I also play on here, watch Father Ted, email with friends and family, edit photos, clean, things like that. I’m spacing out the tourist things to manage my budget. I try to do 1-2 a week.

After my first week, once I could get around the area well enough without getting lost, I started taking the Luas. I’ve been building up my confidence in the public transit before venturing too far from the places I’m familiar with. Only been to city center once but I think I’ll go again tomorrow. I haven’t done the bus yet.

For next week, I’m going to look into day trips now that I know the area I live in more. I’m for sure going to Cork soon to visit the teachers I worked with during student teaching. I’m not sure I will get to Belfast like I had hoped because marching season has begun (they throw stones at Catholics then, and it isn’t safe).

In the evenings, Joe and I cook dinner, watch tv, hang out with his roommate, take leisurely strolls, go out to movies, date nights, and things like that. It’s so nice to be able to be in the same place as Joe for extended periods of time again!


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