Packing a Picnic and Food Love

Picnic 06I’m off to have a picnic with Joe on his lunch break! Of course no picnic with the two of us would be complete without crisps and Rock Shandy (my new favorite drink). I’ve also thrown in some custard cremes (yummy cookies). For myself I packed my latest lunch obsession, smoked salmon on brown soda bread. We get to eat lunch on a bench next to the ocean! Can’t do that in Indiana.

On the lines of food (as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I love it and mention it on here), I also have a new breakfast obsession – whole wheat toast with nutella and banana slices with my cup of Barry’s Gold tea. I don’t know how I haven’t tried nutella before last  week… My favorite impulse treats here are the custard creme cookies and Haribo Starmix, which are different flavors and styles of gummies, or jellies. I promise, I don’t eat junk all the time! We try to keep it out of the apartment and just pick one treat to have here at a time, sometimes 2 (crisps usually). Luckily Joe likes these foods too, which keeps me from eating them all myself! We have fresh fruit in the fruit bowl always, usually apples and bananas, since we will both eat those.

Joe has the late shift this week, so I’ll probably be cooking most of the nights this week. Tonight I’m thinking tacos! I also found a recipe for baked mac and cheese with rashers (Canadian bacon) in the cookbook his mom got me that I want to try. We make a list of each meal we want for the week and buy only those things, lunch food, and bread or cereal for breakfast. Food here is usually bought day of or a day before and has less preservatives than American food, but our system works for us. Fridges and freezers are also quite a bit smaller so we have to account for that as well. So far we have all made it work quite well! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Packing a Picnic and Food Love

  1. Amber says:

    How did you live with me for 3 years and never try nutella?!?!?! I first had it when I went to London and Germany back in 2001, and I’ve LOVED it ever since!!!! I’ll have to give you my recipe for Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies With Sea Salt! AMAZING!


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