Kilkenny vs. Dublin – my first hurling match!

Sunday we headed far into Dublin city to go to Croke Park (like their Lucas Oil Stadium) to see Kilkenny play Dublin in a hurling match. Hurling is an old Gaelic sport and the national sport here, but places with high Irish populations have started clubs in their countries as well. The players are the best of the best from their county, however they are not paid so the sport is ranked as amateur. Hurley is played with a bat called a hurl and a ball called a slitter and played on a field. All players wear their county flag colors for their jerseys and a helmet. There are 15 players on the field from each team at a time, one of which is in the goal. A goal is 3 points , field goal is 1 point. The ball can be kicked, slapped, bounced on the hurley, and batted across the field.

Joe obviously knows more about this, so he is going to guest post for me to explain the sport more this week! BUT Kilkenny (Joe’s home county) was victorious in being the champs for their region of Ireland!


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