The Flying Enterprise

On Monday I returned to where it all began- Cork! This is where I did lived abroad for 10 weeks and did my student teaching, as well as the city where I met Joe. I took the train down and spent the morning and afternoon walking around the city, primarily around St. Patrick’s Street. The absolutely amazing principal from the school I was placed at was able to meet me for lunch at my favorite and most memorable restaurant in Cork – The Flying Enterprise.

The Flying Enterprise is where we had lunch on my first visit back, where we had the Bro’s Club dinner for volunteers (the youth club I volunteered with during my student teaching), and where my family met me when they arrived in Ireland at the end of student teaching. Great memories! Plus, the owner is basically the nicest and most hospitable guy around. He checks on each table personally and even though I had a server he fetched my tea himself, shook my hand, and welcomed me right in.

This place also where my buddy Bro hangs out, the man who started and still runs Bro’s Club (previously Gaelic Club) after all these years. I was very sad we didn’t get to meet up this trip, but I am hoping to see him next time. Bro (nickname for him, he is a Catholic Brother) is retired but still helps out at the school he used to be a principal at, as well the school I was at: Greenmount. We led reading and math groups together for the second graders along with their classroom teacher and one resource teacher.

After lunch I got to visit the school and see how all the construction turned out. No more pre-fabs for them! The new addition was beautifully crafted, and you should see their new sensory room! I wanted to stay in there and hang out. I got to see the secretary while I was there as well, and she is fab. I miss working with her! I miss all the teachers, and I hope some time I will be able to plan a visit that will allow me to see them.

The cherry on top of the sundae- sunshine! I read 2 weather reports that said it was to rain in Cork the entire time I was there BUT the rain didn’t start until after my train started pulling out to leave the city and head back to Dublin. The weather here is entirely unpredictable… but I’ll take sunshine instead of the predicted rain any day!


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  1. Matt says:

    Way cool


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