Highest Pub in Dublin?

This weekends, Joe and I went to Johnnie Foxes in Glencullen. It claims the highest pub in Ireland but is actually not. Lots of trinkets on the ceilings and wall, old school feel, and delicious food.

The highest pub in Ireland is actually claimed by 4 pubs! For anyone that feels like reading about the distinction, at the bottom I posted a letter from Johnnie Foxes in response to a curious inquirer. (I cut out the intro and end bits)

“Which is the Highest Pub in Ireland”?

Ourselves of course, in Glencullen, there is another pub as you say in your message board in Glendalough area, in Roundwood, another on the Cork, Kerry border known as the Top of Croom and lastly another in Derry.

If I may work in reverse order to clarify our “claim”:

4] Some time ago when I first launched Fox’s TV advert in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and mainland Europe, the advertising standards authority of Ireland contacted me with a complaint, now bear in mind this official watchdog has the power of authority to make a company remove its very expensive advert and lose any money spent on it, well anyway, they contacted stating they had complaints from Northern Ireland, specifically from a certain pub in “Londonderry”, who stated that we were using false advertising, my response in brief, and I mean brief was simple.
“Johnnie Fox’s claims to be the highest pub in Ireland, the term is used in accepted general terminology to pertain to the State of Ireland as opposed to the island of Ireland”, I continued with by saying that “Derry was part of the 6 counties and therefore it is accepted in common day use and legally in advertising that our claim is substantiated and correct”.
The response from ASAI was a written confirmation to our claim and permission to continue advertising, they had researched the claims from multiple parties and found in our favour.

3] The pub in Kerry is known to us and we to them on a more personal level, they are not open all year round nor in fact all day every day as one would expect from a public establishment, they do not have the interest in pursuing the “claim” with any energy and only a few occasions in the past have interacted on live radio debates with the other 3 establishments in a friendly banter to the height claim.

2] The longest running and loudest argument continues to this day with the pub in Roundwood, their claim is as the highest pub in the highest “VILLAGE” in Ireland, you see this is where it gets tricky with land titles, Johnnie Fox’s lays in “Glencullen” whish is a township and not a village as we have no post office, to be classified as a village we must have a library and post office, therefore we are a township and do in fact come under the postal district of Dublin 18 according to a telephone conversation I had with An Post.
The claim Roundwood has is absolutely official in being the “Highest Village in Ireland”, but the height of the pub is less than ours by some feet.

1] Johnnie Fox’s – the loudest claim of all, we claim it, we argue it, we prove it time and time again, we even had to point out an old guide stone hidden behind foliage on the way up to the pub showing the height at that juncture to one Irish newspaper reporter doing an “expose” on the four venues.


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