About Me

IMG_9247My name is Jessica and I’m an Indiana girl that’s going to spend the summer in Dublin. I hope to do something new each day, whether it be exploring the city, hanging out in a park, learning some of the history of Ireland,  going to a trad pub, or whatever else we come up with. It might take me a few days to get the transport down, but I have a good support system. I just hope I don’t drive him crazy with all this! When we can, Joe and I will travel to other counties on the weekends, especially to see friends and his family, but until then I will work on settling into life abroad for the summer as a civilian.

This is not my first trip to Ireland, so I am coming prepared with some background knowledge. Fall of 2012, I did my student teaching in Cork for 2 months while earning my BS in elementary education. I came back to visit in May and Christmas 2013, so this will be my 4th time in the Emerald Isle. The last two visits have been under 2 full weeks, so this time I can take my time seeing everything instead of trying to cram in as much as possible in the short time we had together.


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